Sacred Heart cathedral

    The Sacred Heart Cathedral, properly the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and also known as the Stone House by localsis a Gothic Revival Roman Catholic  cathedral in GuangzhouChina. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Guangzhou. The cathedral is located at 56 Yide Road, on the north bank of the Pearl River at the heart of the old town. It is one of the few churches in the world to be entirely built of granite, including all the walls, pillars, and towers.


    Mass Time

    Weekdays: 06:45 (Cantonese)

    Saturday: 06:45 (Cantonese), 16:00 (Korean), 19:30 (Mandarin)

    Sunday: 07:00 (Cantonese), 08:30 (Cantonese), 10:30 (Mandarin), 15:30 (English)

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