Liwan Museum


    Location:  N0.84 Fengyuan Bei Jie (Street), Longjin Xi Lu (Road), Liwan District, Guangzhou City

    Rating: AAA

    Sightseeing Theme: History&Heritage / Arts&History

    Opening Hours: 8:30 – 17:00

    Admission: RMB 10 per package

    Key Words: Parent-Child Fun, Museums, Leisure

    About: Guangzhou Liwan Museum is a museum dedicated to Xiguan culture. The museum comprises two separate exhibitions: The partly-preserved Xiguan Dawu (Xiguan grand mansions) displays traditional Xiguan folk customs whilst the white western-style building next to the Xiguan Dawu displays some ancient as well as modern handicrafts that are related to Xiguan culture. Step inside one of the Xiguan Dawus and you will see Canton-style furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties and get a glimpse of Xiguan tradition, wedding customs, and festival customs.

    Transportation:Bus: Take one of the following buses to get there: Bus No. 2, 25, 55, or 74, and get off at Guangzhou No. 2 Hospital (Duo Bao Road).


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