Local Garden: Lingnan Impression

    印0象園風景 190X120 油畫布 留10CM白邊.jpg

    Location: Waihuan Xi Lu (Road), Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu District, Guangzhou City

    Rating: AAAA

    Sightseeing Theme: Theme Parks / History&Heritage

    Opening Hours: 9:00 – 17:00

    Admission: RMB 60 per ticket

    Key Words: Family, Leisure, Scenic Spot

    About: Want to have a close look at the traditional Lingnan buildings? Lingnan Impression should be one of your choices! Located in the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre, Lingnan Impression Garden embodies the essence of local culture and is home to many traditional Lingnan architectures. The residences were built along waterside, either high with narrow gate or with high walls and wok-ear shape gable. Long lanes, primitive gates, spectacular oyster shell walls, exquisite windows, winding streams and clear ponds are all elements of typical Lingnan water towns. Spend one day here and you can get a comprehensive view of ancient Lingnan folkways.


    Transportation:Bus: Take one of the following buses to get there: Guangzhou Holidays Bus Special Line 5, or Bus No. 86, or Bus No. 310; Metro: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Higher Education Mega Center S., then go out at Exit B.


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