Birding Spots in Guangzhou

    March is an ideal time for bird watching. To highlight the occasion, the city’s annual Bird-loving Week just kicked off. We are recommending five especially intriguing places to go birding in Guangzhou. Pick a day to set aside the bustle of work or study and go out and enjoy spring in the flower city, with beautiful chirps providing a symphonic background. 

    Guangzhou’s 36th Bird-loving Week, this year themed “Protect migratory birds, protect our green planet,” runs until March 26. Of course, you don’t need a designated week to treat yourself to the pleasure of observing the several hundred migratory birds that visit or reside in the city. Any nice spring day will do. 

    Guangzhou boasts 251 bird species, accounting for 45.8 percent of the total species seen in Guangdong province, according to a spokesman with the local forestry and gardening administration. 


    Nansha Wetland Park 

    With its reputation of being a paradise for migratory birds in the Pearl River Delta, Nansha Wetland Park attracts hundreds of thousands of birds that choose this spot as a good wintering ground. More than half of all migratory birds in Guangzhou come here. Some 200 bird species have been spotted in the wetlands. 



    Liuhua Lake Park 

    The isle of heron in Liuhua Lake Park is a natural sanctuary, sheltering wild birds — including night herons, light-vented bulbuls and mallards — through the year. 

    Haizhu National Wetland Park 

    With abundant botanical resources and nesting in the flyways of migratory birds, Haizhu National Wetland Park is an important habitat for these avian travelers. The increasingly improved environment and water quality draw a growing number of birds here to spend bleak winters. A total of 142 species have been observed here, including herons, egrets and night herons. 

    Baiyun Mountain 

    Baiyun Mountain is not only an ideal place for exercises and recreation, but also a place to observe many local birds. Thrush, light-vented bulbul, and red-whiskered bulbul are among the species that are ubiquitous. Also, birds like Streptopelia chinensis have settled and flourished on the beautiful mountain. 

    Wanzuitou Wetland Park at Higher Education Mega Center 

    The Guangdong Science Center is surrounded by the Pearl River on three sides and covers an area of over 20 hectares. Recent monitoring data has recorded more than 60 birds resting in Wanzuitou Wetland Park at the Higher Education Mega Center. Its premium ecology and environment lure countless birds here, especially over the winter. (By Zoe Xu, Louis Berney)

    Source: Lifeofguangzhou.com 


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