【Exploring Guangzhou by Metro】Exit C, Fangcun Station of Line 1

    Exit C, Fangcun Station of Line 1 and then take Bus NO.15 to Chajia North Road Station


    Wong Tai Sin Temple in Guangzhou


    The Temple was established in 1899 (Qing Dynasty) and is a Taoist temple dedicated to Chinese deity Wong Tai Sin with the power of healing. Built in a modern style, it still preserves valuable cultural relics. In the Temple, there is a main shrine, Guandi Temple, Dou Lao Temple, Temple Fortuna, Confucius Temple, Lv Zu Hall and Guan Yin Hall.



    Large temple fairs are held every year on 23rd August of lunar calendar, the birthday of Wong Tai Sin, and Spring Festival. It’s a good time for both praying and sightseeing. You don’t want to miss it!


    Opening hour: 07:00-15:30

    Ticket: 5 RMB

    Free Admission for Seniors (Age 65+) (Valid ID needed)

    Address: NO.1 Guci Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

    Get out at Exit C, Fangcun Station of Line 1 to find:  Fangcun Tea Market


    As one of the largest tea markets in China, even Asia, the Market houses more than 3000 different stores and shops offering any kind of tea available including from Taiwan and is definitely a great place for tea connoisseurs to experience China’s tea culture. Other tea products such as tea sets can also be found there!



    You don’t want to miss this incredible tea market when you are in #Guangzhou!

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