Guangzhou Transportation -- Water Bus

    Being a part of Guangzhou public transportation system, the water bus plays a significant role in the local public system. From September, 2013, twelve water bus lines will run along the channels of the Pearl River in the city, supplying residents and tourists with a more convenient transport service. 26 piers are scattered along the Pearl River.


    Two kinds of water buses have been newly put into use. One type is like a yacht in appearance, having three decks, two ordinary decks and one sightseeing deck. It can hold about 99 to 199 people on one. The other type, having two decks, is a passenger ship and it can hold about 199 people at maximum. A water bus is not only used as ferryboat but is also a good choice to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Pearl River. During the sail, you can see lots of characteristic architecture. Compared with the Pearl River Night Cruise, the cost is much cheaper.For convenience, the water bus company installed GPS automobile station reporters at different piers. In this way, passengers could know the arrival time of these buses. This kind of transportation is quite popular. It is planned that about 18 water bus lines will be in operation from 2016.


    The twelve lines operate now are:

    Route Ferry Terminal
    S1 (Jinshazhou - Xidi) Jishazhou, Shiweitang, Huangsha, Xidi
    S2 (Fangcun – Zhongda) Dayuanshuaifu, Fangcun, Xidi, Tianzi, Zhongda
    S3 (Ruyifang - Shiweitang) Ruyifang, Tanwei, Shiweitang
    S4 (Xidi - Haizhuang) Xidi, Aozhou, Haizhuang
    S5 (Yuzhu - Shenjing) Whampoa Military Academy, Yuzhu, Hunagpu Xinzhou, Shenjing
    S6 (Huangsha – Yongxing Street) Huangsha, Fangcun, Yongxing Street
    S7 (Tianzi - Fangzhi) Tianzi, Fangzhi
    S8 (Shengzong - Qiankou) Shengzong, Diankou
    S9 (Baixianke - Baihedong) Baixianke, Baihedong
    S10 (Yuzhu - Changzhou) Yuzhu, Changzhou
    S11 (Huangsha – Guangzhou Tower) Huangsha, Dayuanshuaifu, Guangzhou Tower,
    S12 (Changzhou – Haixinsha) Changzhou, Yuzhu, Haixinsha

    Tip: It is very safe to take them. Each water bus is equipped with enough life jackets and sea-sickness medicine and the like.

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