"Great China, Beautiful Guangzhou" Yuexiu Theme Lantern Festival Kicked off

    From January 25 to February 24, the Yuexiu Lantern Festival themed on “Great China·Beautiful Guangzhou” will be held in Yuexiu Park.

    According to Bureau of Forestry and Landscaping of Guangzhou Municipality, this Yuexiu Lantern Festival is the first trump card event in the flower appreciation of Guangzhou in 2019 Chinese New Year. It draws the curtain of the Guangzhou Spring Festival flower event this year. The Lantern Festival consists of two major theme areas, exhibits 56 large-scale lanterns, 30 large-scale lighting, and 15 flower borders, thus forming a unique landscape of “watching flowers in the daytime and watching lights at night”. Through combining the lantern show with the flower show, constituting flowers with lanterns, presenting lanterns with flowers and mixing lanterns into scenery, through the vivid shape and different expression techniques, the characteristics of Great China and Lingnan culture are fully displayed. With environmentally friendly design concepts, exquisite design, exquisite craftsmanship, brilliant lights, a visual feast is presented to visitors.

    In addition to the lanterns, a number of exciting cultural events will also be held in the Lantern Festival: Xu Hongfei Fat Women Series Sculpture Exhibition, New Year Painting Exhibition of Professor Hong Zhihuang from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Suzhou Classical Garden Book Stone Rubbings Special Exhibition, Previous Lantern Festival Photography Exhibitions, Yuexiu Lantern Workshop, Lantern Post Office, Happy Lantern Riddles, and Guangfu Temple Fair Youth Market, which are all must-visits during the event.

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