Guangzhou Tower and Million Sunflower Garden Shortlisted in the Authoritative List of Tourism Indust

    The latest 2018 Chinese brand tourism scenic list was released. Guided by the People's Daily, the list was jointly sponsored by People's Daily New Media Center, Renmin.com.cn, and the National Humanity History magazine. It is the final results after weighing comprehensive indicators including netizens' votes, expert review by the organizing committee and tourism big data, thus being highly authoritative.

    Guangzhou Tower won the only “Chinese Landmark Scenic Spot Favored by People” award. In 2018, a total of 2.3 million tourists visited Guangzhou Tower, contributing to an operating income of 627 million yuan. The passenger flow and income both hit record highs, highlighting the stable and improved urban tourism environment in Guangzhou.

    Guangzhou Million Sunflower Garden scenic spot was shortlisted into “2018 TOP 20 Chinese Brand Scenic Spots”. As an ecological garden themed on flowers and animations, the garden satisfies diversified vacation needs of watching world-class famous flowers, approaching nature, tasting food, enjoying family time and broadening horizons. It has become a beautiful landscape in the flower city of Guangzhou.

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