Guangzhou Spring Festival Flower Fair

    Guangzhou Spring Festival Flower Fair has developed from the fork tradition into the brand of City Culture. Adopted the mode of “3+15”, it is to be open among 11 districts in the former 3 days of Spring Festival (Jan.25-Jan.27).


    At the same time, the City Carnival activities are going to flourish during the 15 days of Spring Festival (Jan.28- Feb.11), mainly including Fork Performances, Intangible Heritage Displays, Light Arts, themed Flower Exhibitions and other cultural events.

    It covers all main downtown areas and cultural sites in 11 districts, Huacheng Square, Lychee Bay, Tianhe Sports Center, Haizhu Lake, Yuntai Park, Yuexiu Park, Canton Tower, Museum of the Western Han Dynasty Mausoleum of the Nanyue King and Guangzhou Museum included.

    As the name card of Guangzhou culture, Guangzhou Spring Festival Flower Fair has been held for 4 sessions from 2013, and the brand influence has been further promoted through promotion meetings between cities and traveling activities themed on “Enjoy Guangzhou Spring Festival”.



    (Pictures from the network.)

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